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A P O L O  x  I S A M I

GCH Kelwyn's History In The Making x  Bravo Exquisite Performance

(born May 13, 2017)

Once again, the medical science of Reverse Progesterone helped us bring 6 new puppies into the world safely. No real temperature drop (just deciding not to eat breakfast) has us wondering if "today would be the day". Off to Yorba Regional for a fast in-house progesterone test, a little waiting, and results that said Isami's puppies were ready, with the help of Dr. Cortez and the staff at Yorba Regional, we have 4 girls and 2 boys delivered via C-section. All pups were over 9 ounces (once again, big puppies for a Scottie to try to whelp naturally), and so far mother and babies are doing well. 

We thank, and congratulate, our co-owners and co-breeders John and Diane Thomas for helping  make Isami's second litter happen! We have two show-potential girls available.