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GCH Bravo Woburn Bijouterie

US/SK/DE CH Ayrzol Obi Wan Kenobi x GCH Bravo Fortune Seeker

born November 6, 2012

vWD and CMO Clear

CHIC #101548

Thanks to the support of our friends at Woburn Scotties Steve and Debi Russell, our efforts to bring Bijou's sire Obi over from Sweden was a success. Steve and Debi gathered Obi from customs on his way into the U.S. and helped get him on his domestic flight to Los Angeles. Upon his return several months later, they helped get him on his international flight back to Stockholm.

Steve and Debi enjoyed showing Bijou as a class bitch and Debi showed Bijou to place 2nd behind her littermate Chicory at the STCA National Sweepstakes in their 9-12 class (with an entry of 11 in their class) and went on to place 4th in the division run-off.

The same year that Bijou and Chicory completed their championships, Lara earned Brood Bitch of the year from the STCA and Bijou won the American-Bred Bitch Award at the 2015 STCA Awards Dinner. 

Upon completing her championship and with both Steve and Debi busy with work and travel, the Russells asked if Karen Fitzpatrick (Meadowlake Border Terriers) would help show Bijou to her Grand Championship. 

Bijou is loved and owned by Steve and Debi Russell of Woburn Scotties and when she hears our voices, she can't stop fussing to get out and kiss our faces and never stops wagging her tail. We are very thankful for this lass that lives in the Chicago area.