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After two failed breeding attempts on Dee Dee with two different sires, we opted to try a third time using our young dog Rocket and the two came through for us - 7 puppies born February 6, 2020 - 4 boys and 3 girls. 

Due to the strain the puppies put on Dee Dee's uterus that was discovered during the planned C-section, we were extremely grateful for a large and healthy litter with all puppies surviving, but we also agreed that this would be Dee Dee's one and only litter. Thank you to co-owner Alexis Waterhouse for taking such great care of our special lass and for all your efforts to be a part of preserving the Bomond x Lara line in our breeding program. 


(born February 6, 2020)

CH Bravo Rocket's Red Glare x CH Bravo Accept Nothing Less Than Full Victory

R O C K E T  x  D E E  D E E