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born February 17, 2015

​vWD and CMO Clear

Eyes and Patella - Normal
CHIC # 114768 

Gabby (or as we call her at the Ottcienda - the Gabbercon 2000) has always been a very sweet and beautiful Scottie. As we watched her grow up, we knew she was a keeper.  

Pilar took her, along with Noble, Turner, Nita, and baby Bennett to Arizona during the Fiesta Cluster in March 2016 and Gabby was awarded Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best of Breed for three majors all three days under judges Mrs. Wyoma Clouss, Dr. Karen Ericson, and Mr. Lou Ferruggiaro. 

In early May 2016, Rod showed Gabby at the Rio Hondo Kennel Club and judge Mr. Christopher Moore (Australia) chose Gabby from the Bred By Exhibitor class to go Winners Bitch and Best of Breed (over a special) for her fourth major and then, as the judge of the Terrier Group, he awarded her Group One, which completed her U.S. Championship. 

Gabby became the 2nd Bravo Scottie to go Best of Breed over specials from the classes since 2013 and the first Bravo Scottie to win a regular Terrier Group. Her great-great-great grandfather Cooper - CH Charthill Bravo - won five Terrier groups during his show career. 

Gabby completed her Grand Championship during the Mission Circuit weekend by winning Best of Breed under judge Mr. Lee Herr and Select Bitch under judge Mrs. Yvonne Savard and is also a master ratter. Prior to that weekend, she was awarded Best of Breed and Group 4 by judge Mr. John Wade at the Ventura Dog Fanciers Association. She has killed several rodents trying to encroach upon the Ottcienda's back yard. She's earned her keep. 

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