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Bravo Green Carpet Dreams at Moda

CH Bomond Brave & Save At Bravo x GCH Bravo Chicory Au Lait

born February 17, 2015

vWD and CMO Clear

Chanel represents Bravo Scotties in Arizona and lives with another Bravo Scottie, Louie - CH Bravo Striking Performance.  

Chanel carries the kennel name of the Zaysoffs "Moda Scotties" and is another "slow to mature" girl, but we are thankful for her. She won her first major at the Flagstaff Kennel Club under judge Mrs. Pam Peat in July 2016.  

Chanel also sports various fashion accessories such as tutus and tiaras and delights her owners on a daily basis. 

Slowly working her way to her U.S. Championship, we are thankful to the Zaysoff family for loving her and caring for her so well.