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GCH Bravo Chicory Au Lait ROM

US/DK/SE CH Ayrzol Obi Wan Kenobi x GCH Bravo Fortune Seeker

born November 6, 2012

vWD and CMO Clear

CHIC #114767

We lovingly call Miss Chicory our "Bouvier Wannabe". One of two puppies from our Obi x Lara litter, Chicory was running the household with Bouviers from the get-go. Truly a lass that can hold her own, she made waves early on by winning Winners Bitch, Best Puppy, and Best of Breed over specials for a 3-point  major under judge Mr. Kerry Lee (Australia) as a 6 1/2 month old puppy at her very first show. Not a fluke win, a month later, Chicory won her 6-9 class at the Scottish Terrier Club of California specialty and both days of supported entries at Great Western. She also won her Sweepstakes class two of the three days that same weekend. 

Several months later, we traded off showing Chicory during our Montgomery County weekend - Rod one day, Pilar the next. At the STCA National Sweepstakes and with 11 bitches in the 9-12 class, Rod and Chicory placed 1st and her sister Bijou placed 2nd behind her, and the sisters placed 2nd and 4th in the division run-off. It was lovely recognition for these two littermates by judge Mr. Joseph Pendon. 

A silly girl, Chicory started to act more like a Bouvier in the ring than a Scottie and would fret over Pilar's location outside the ring rather than focus on Rod's handling inside the ring so it became evident that only Pilar could handle her going forward. In May 2014 at the Mission Circuit, Chicory won her 2nd major under judge Mrs. Beth Sweigart and the next day finished her championship with her 3rd major under judge Mrs. Wyoma Clouss. 

Pilar and Chicory continued working on her Grand Championship until she came in season and was ready to be bred to Bomond for her first litter. In February 2015, Chicory welcomed 4 puppies into the world - 3 girls and 1 boy - and they were born via c-section during the exact time Scotties were in the ring at the Westminster Kennel Club. Her puppies carry names in honor of Westminster and NYC.

In February 2017, Pilar and Chicory returned to the ring together and completed Chicory's Grand Championship with several Best of Breed wins over other specials. She still runs freely at the Ottcienda every day with all of the Bouviers. We love our Chick-a-BOOM! She is the Chick-a-munga among us. 

Chicory earned her Registry of Merit in November 2020 and produced a total of 6 Champions: 

GCH Bravo Gonna B Eatin' Steak At Sardi's 

CH Bravo Green Carpet Dreams At Moda

CH Bravo Rocket's Red Glare

CH Bravo Revolution Rising

CH Bravo Cactus Calamity At Ruffton

CH Bravo Fortune Favors The Brave