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Another highly anticipated litter, when we bred Lara to Bomond for her third and final litter, we never would have thought she'd have a bumper crop... of boys. Eight puppies - 7 boys and 1 girl - we worked very hard for the first 4 weeks to keep these pups going.  

Thanks to modern medicine, we were able to use "reverse progesterone" to determine it was time for these puppies to enter the world and by the skilled hands of our vet Dr. Cheema, he got all 8 out alive, but Lara's uterus was not healthy looking on one side. We collectively made the decision to spay her at the time of her c-section. This affected her ability to produce enough milk, so we spent a lot of time topping off tummies multiple times a day until the puppies were ready to start on gruel. 

With such consistency in conformation in all 8 puppies, we chose to hold on to our one girl Dee Dee and two of her brothers Noble and Turner. Bomond has done a fine job for our breeding program and these 8 puppies proved he is a consistently lovely producer of pups. They were born on D-Day as well as the day American Pharaoh won the Belmont Stakes to win the Triple Crown, but we decided to honor the veterans that fought for our freedom and all names represent some aspect of D-Day, whether it be a location or phrases used in speeches and news reports.

Bravo Accept Nothing Less Than Full Victory - "Dee Dee"

CH Bravo Noble Undertaking - "Noble"

Bravo The Tide Has Turned - "Turner"

Bravo Taking On Utah - "Darby"

Bravo The Great Crusade - "Ike"

Bravo Storming At Juno - "Winston"

Bravo General George Patton - "Mac"

Bravo Landing At Omaha - "Nash"

CH Bomond Brave & Save At Bravo x GCH Bravo Fortune Seeker


B O M O N D  x  L A R A

(born June 6, 2015)