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Our dogs are house dogs, not kennel dogs. We keep our numbers to a manageable amount so that we can devote as much time as possible so that each dog is a great example of their breed whether in the show ring, going after vermin, herding livestock (Bouviers), running agility courses, or walking  around an outdoor shopping center. 

We love getting pictures and stories from puppy buyers. It is very rewarding watching the four-legged critters we bring into the world grow and get lots of love from their people.  

If you are interested in a possible future puppy, please contact us because we do maintain a waiting list.  We had a litter of 3 boys and 2 girls born on June 14, 2022 out of Merida and sired by VInny and have a few boys available. If you have filled out a form and not heard from us, we've been extremely busy and will do our best to reach out. 

Puppies. Who doesn’t love puppies? We do! We try to plan for one litter a year.  Sometimes that doesn’t work and we have no litters or we may have two or three litters. Why?  Sometimes a breeding doesn’t take. Sometimes we have more than one bitch we need to breed for health or age purposes. We put a lot of thought into breedings and plan ahead, most often years in advance. 

If you've ever been around Scottie puppies, you may think there's nothing cuter. More often than not we hear someone say, "I used to have a Scottie growing up," or "My aunt and uncle had a Scottie several years ago." They are quite iconic in fashion and home decor. However, we interview all potential homes and happily offer to work with our puppy buyers for the lifetime of their dogs. The most important thing to us is that our dogs are well taken care of and loved. If a Scottie isn't the right breed for your home, no worries. We breed for ourselves, but not every puppy in a litter may display show and breeding potential, but they all need to be loved dearly. And sometimes they all show potential, but we understand that some homes may not be interested in showing.  

Also, we have two breeding programs to maintain - Bravo Scottish Terriers and La Chanson Bouviers.