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"With every purchase of our book, we will be donating a portion of the profits to help fund research for childhood cancer and to the Scottish Terrier Club of America Health Trust Fund.  Why? Our lives were changed several years ago when we sold a Bouvier in 2014 to a young girl Noah Nechemia who was going through recovery from medulloblastoma. She is now 4 years a Survivor! However, two days after we got our own cancer pathology report in November 2017, one of Pilar's childhood friends Sara Stamp and her husband Bryan lost their 5 year old daughter Layla  to medulloblastoma.  Childhood cancer receives less than 4% of all funding toward research and we are not OK with this.  We are donating a portion of the profits from the sales of our books to the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas that did so much for Layla Stamp and her family and because of our dedication to preserving the Scottish Terrier, we want to help support research on health problems affecting Scottish Terriers." 

Bravo Scotties Chicory and Dee Dee will be going through the Pet Partners International Therapy Dog program to become certified Therapy Dogs and will later accompany Rod and Pilar not only to hospitals to visit children, but also to elementary schools around the country. In the schools, Pilar will read the book to children and help educate them on the Scottish Terrier and give kids a chance to meet a real, live Scottie! 

The book is a 40-page hard-bound book, 8 1/2" x 11", and will be shipped via USPS Flat Rate shipping. Rod, Pilar, and Valeria are really excited about their creative efforts bringing smiles (and donations) to those they care about! 



​AWARDED FOR BEST SERIES OF ILLUSTRATIONS OR GRAPHICS and NOMINATED FOR Best Children's Book IN THE 2019 DOG WRITER'S ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA AWARDS! Awards dinner was held Sunday, February 10, 2019 in New York City!

​Many years ago while Scotties would sit on Rod's lap and clean their paws, he would say "Clean paws are VERY important for a Scottie, you know." After getting married and combining households, Pilar decided that it was a great title for a Children's book and started writing a story around Rod's phrase. 

Having seen and appreciated the artwork of Valeria Moldovan, they reached out to her several years ago and asked if she would be interested in illustrating their book. She agreed, but life can throw little (or big) curve balls along the way. Well, no more curve balls! We have the book! 

O U R   C H I L D R E N ' S  B O O K