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March 12, 2009 - February 19, 2020

GCH Bravo Fortune Seeker ROM

CH Arabella's New Wave at Charthill x CH Bravo Fortune Teller

Lara lived out her later years in life with one of our wonderful co-owners near the Ottcienda. We were able to see her regularly and give her kisses, but we had to wish her across the Rainbow Bridge just shy of her 11th birthday.

The only puppy to survive from the Devo x Gypsy litter, everything we have been able to produce and accomplish truly stems from this one bitch.

She produced 3 litters for us resulting in multiple Champions and Grand Champions including multiple National Sweepstakes class winners and is the grandmother of our top winningest Scottie in our breeding program - Mona Lisa. If it weren't for Lara, we wouldn't have the depth of genetics as we were able to take her in three different directions for her three litters. She gave us great forechest, low to the ground, harsh brillo-pad coat, dark eyes, tight ear set, and just the right amount of "baby alligator" Scottie attitude while also being one of the sweetest and lovingest Scotties. 

We miss her, but are so thankful for everything she has given to the breed and our breeding program.