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born June 6, 2015

​vWD and CMO Clear

Dee Dee was our only girl in Lara's huge litter of 8, so we had to keep her. In fact, handler and terrier expert Gabriel Rangel evaluated the entire litter and made sure we planned on keeping her as a part of our breeding program. 

As life got a little busier than expected at the Ottcienda this spring, we actually sent Dee Dee off to "Camp Rangel" recently to learn how to be a show dog and she is currently working on her championship before taking her turn in the whelping box for Bravo Scotties. 

One of the sweetest temperamented Scotties you'll ever meet, the Bouviers love her and, except for her 100% accuracy in digging massive holes in our yard to find vermin with a 0% kill rate, we love her, too. 

"Dee Dee"
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